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30 Day Kagerou Project Challenge 

Well, you know, let’s have fun! You can fill this challenge with drawings or wiritings.

Day 1 - The first song that you heard
Day 2 - Your favourite song from the series
Day 3Your favourite PV
Day 4 - Your favourite male character and why
Day 5 - Your favourite female character and why
Day 6 - Your OTP
Day 7 - Other pairings that you like
Day 8 - Character you’d like to have as a sibling
Day 9 - Character you’d like to hang out with
Day 10 - Character you have most in common with
Day 11 - Character that’s most likely to be your best friend
Day 12 - Character you’d like to have as a maid/butler
Day 13 - Character you’d go shopping with
Day 14 - Character you’d cosplay as
Day 15 - Your favourite eye power
Day 16 - A song/songs that made you happy
Day 17 - A song/songs that made you cry
Day 18 - A song that you can’t stop listening to
Day 19 - Character with the most tragic story
Day 20 - Character that you admire
Day 21 - Character you’d go on a date with
Day 22 - Character you’d marry (//shot)
Day 23 - Character that’s most likely to be your rival
Day 24 - A crossover with another series that you’d love to see
Day 25 - An Alternate Universe that you’d love to see
Day 26 - Characters that has a great chemistry 
Day 27 - Character you’d love to chat with
Day 28 - Character you’d probably stalk
Day 29 - Character you’d protect from danger
Day 30 - Reasons why you love Jin, Shidu and Wannyanpuu

Sorry if someone already made this kind of thing. I just had to let my ideas out. Have fun~!

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